Membership - Joining NASUWT

Joining NASUWT

We are a teachers' union. There are currently over approximately 2000 members of the Walsall Association. We are the largest teachers' union in the Walsall Authority. Our local office is at Rushall in Walsall. The office has full time staff who can be contacted directly via email.

We hold general meetings, usually half termly. We produce newsletters on a regular basis which are distributed to all members through schools. Our main function is to support Walsall members, which is done on a personal level or through our range of courses which can be run throughout various centres and at Rednal, Birmingham.

Current Membership Offers

The current membership offers the NASUWT have in place include free and then further reduced subscriptions for newly qualified teachers and free subscriptions for student teachers. There is also free membership for 12 month from the point of joining for any practicing teacher that has not been subject to a free membership offer recently and agrees to provide bank details for future monthly direct details at the point of joining.Teachers can also view the NASUWT's current subscription rates for when they do have to start paying subscriptions to the Union.